The Answer to Cancer

by Keith Foster

The Answer to Cancer provides an easy to follow, clear explanation of what cancer is, how it arises and how it can be overcome.

Written in clear, non-technical English, this new approach gets to the point and explains what is needed to know to enable people with cancer to help themselves, rid themselves of this condition and lead a better, healthier and longer life.

Keith Foster is not offering a quick fix cure for cancer but explains a methodology (backed by scientific proof) by which cancer sufferers can help themselves to recover naturally.

All the information detailed in the book is published elsewhere by some of the world’s leading thinkers and researchers. However, the interpretation Keith places on their conclusions is his own, based on a lifetime of thought, research and experience.

Advice via SKYPE

Keith Foster offers personal advice on:

  • Cancer (how to avoid it or help yourself)
  • Heart disease,
  • Obesity,
  • Dementia,
  • Alzheimer’s
  • and most modern health issues.

For details email info@keithfoster.co.uk

The Answer to Cancer by Keith Foster FLS

About Keith

Keith Foster is a researcher, writer and lecturer. He has spent most of his life focusing on unlocking the structure and technology of the ancient worldwide civilization, and also its healing technologies.

The past 30 years has seen Keith involved in studying how our current civilization informs its belief systems, with particular emphasis on its current religion – science.

A natural philosopher, Keith's studies have included a wide range of cultures. His latest book The Answer to Cancer – An Electron Deficit Condition, coupled with the follow-up seminars, represents a synergism of these studies.

At 75 years of age and as the father of 7 children, Keith is a fine and vigorous example of how well his understanding of the human condition translates into healthy longevity.

A charismatic speaker whose gift is to make complex subjects simple and easy to understand, Keith’s wisdom, sense of humour and integrity are infectious.

Keith hosts lectures and speaks at seminars all over the world. For more information about attending one of Keith's seminars, or to book him for a lecture, please email seminars@keithfoster.co.uk

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Keith Foster - author and natural philosopher.  Books available from Amazon


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Keith Foster's books are published by Sagax Publishing. The complete collection can be seen here and are available from Amazon.

The Answer to Cancer by Keith Foster FLS


An Electron Deficit Condition

Keith Foster FLS

This book provides an easy to understand, clear explanation of what cancer is, how it arises and how you can get rid of it. Written in plain English, this book gets straight to the point and tells you what you need to know to help yourself.

The Answer to Cancer is a new approach to the understanding of cancer. ‘New’, because it goes to the fundamentals of electron deficit which is the root cause, the origin, of cancerous conditions. To help you the book describes an interlocking series of actions you can take to help yourself. Full of new information (backed up by science) this book is easy to read and can help release a great many people from anxiety and fear.

The Answer to Cancer by Keith FosterThe Answer to Cancer is eligible for Amazon Prime
Super Slim by Keith Foster FLS


Slimming the intelligent way

Keith Foster, FLS

Serious slimmers and health professionals will find the information in this book invaluable.  It contains new information not available anywhere else, and is a completely new departure in scientifically based thinking, (no dieting or exercise regimes are involved).

Easy to follow, revolutionary in concept and full of fascinating information, this book will change your life.

Super Slim by Keith Foster FLSSuper Slim by Keith Foster is available from Amazon PrimeKeith Foster talks about his book Super Slim - Slimming the Intelligent Way

Yonder by Keith Foster


“I believe that the soul prospers from caring, sharing, relating and fulfillment.”

Keith Foster, FLS

Yonder explains clearly what happens to a person's energy when they die. It deals exhaustively with the reality of how creation works using quantum mechanics to describe the harmonic structure of space.

This is not nearly as complicated as it sounds. In its totality, Yonder is capable of giving comfort and reassurance to its readers as a non-religious, fact-based explanation.


How to overcome heart disease by Keith Foster FLS



Keith Foster, FLS

The purpose of this book is to provide information which will enable the reader to prevent heart disease or, if necessary, overcome it. It contains new information which is derived from years of careful scientific research much of which was performed by intellectual giants such as Linus Pauling, the twice Nobel Laureate.

This is finally “capped off” by the author's research into the electronic nature of life which was initiated both by personal tragedy, as explained in the first two chapters, and by a need to arrive at an explanation for phenomena which could not otherwise be conceptualised.

How to overcome heart disease by Keith Foster
The Wisdom Way by Keith Foster FLS


Book 1 (Part 1) of HARMONIC POWER

Keith Foster FLS

The Wisdom Way is a 141 day guide to better health. Designed to change ingrained bad habits and lifestyles of convenience - it provides new information to inform your beliefs. Easy to follow and implement The Wisdom Way is a pocket sized 'Bible for Health'. Essential for health in our toxic, electronic world.


The Wisdom Way by Keith Foster - available to buy from Amazon The Wisdom Way is eligble for Amazon Prime
Harmonic Power by Keith Foster FLS


Book 2 (Parts 2 - 6) of HARMONIC POWER

Keith Foster FLS

An Extraordinary Book in Six Life-Changing Parts. Be all that you can be and probably far more.

Keith elaborates on some of the information given to you in Part I, The Wisdom Way, and goes on to teach you how to 'plug in' to and upload power from the Earth's energy field - just as superior ancient civilisations did - 'tune in and charge up'.

The information Keith imparts in the total work of HARMONIC POWER is life-changing - not only for your own and your family's health, but as a potential career move also.

Harmonic Power by Keith Foster - available to buy from Amazon

Lifelight by Keith Foster


How to protect yourself from cancer

Keith Foster FLS

Lifelight, a new way of looking at dread disease, acts as an alternative, step-by-step guide to helping oneself cope with a major illness.

Lifelight  by Keith Foster - available to buy from Amazon

Lifelight by Keith Foster FLS


A new theory as to the cause of global warming

Keith Foster FLS

One of the most important books to be published on Global Warming, this is the first to challenge the (almost) universally held view that Climate Change is entirely due to man`s activity. It also challenges the belief that Global Warming is a reversible trend and details a hitherto almost unremarked phenomenon which, it is conjectured, is the true cause of climate change.

The book Catastrophe? - A New Theory As To The Cause of Global Warming foretells the collapse of human society and the demise of this civilization. It also gives a direct insight into the mechanisms of increasingly rapid Climate Change and details the effect of the changes in these on human behaviour. Are we doomed? This book can inform your opinion.

Catastrophe? by Keith Foster - available to buy from AmazonCATASTROPHE? A new theory as to the effects of Global Warming by Keith Foster FLS

Perfume, Astrology and You by Keith Foster



Keith Foster FLS

A book about health, wealth and sexual attraction, which deals exclusively with the language of instinct.

It demonstrates, for the first time ever, the harmonic link between perfume, the movement of the constellations and planets, and their effect on the emotions.

Perfume Astrology and You  by Keith Foster - available to buy from Amazon

The Black Ball Method.  A Self Help guide to back pain relief.  Keith Foster FLS


A Comprehensive Self-Help guide to back pain relief

Revised / 2nd edition 2013

Keith Foster FLS

A Comprehensive Self-Help guide to back pain relief, this book gives step by step guidance on how you can  re-gain full spinal flexion and mobility. 

Easy to follow with clear explanations, it has the potential  to help all back pain sufferers

The Black Ball Method by Keith Foster

Practical Immunology by Paula Foster, FLS


A New Healing Paradigm

Paula Foster, FLS

Practical Immunology maintains that modern day diseases(like arthritis, diabetes, cancer, MS, Lupus etc.) are all caused by a metabolic shift in the body's pH balance. This phenomenon is investigated and analysed in a thorough and easy to understand manner, making for a very interesting and informative read. Suitable for anyone whether layman, practitioner, nurse or doctor who is concerned about health and the prevention of disease.

It is beautifully illustrated in colour and brings a new understanding to the root cause/s of disease and how these can readily be prevented and treated.

Practical Immunology by Paula Foster


“Keith Foster is a charismatic and very interesting speaker. I’ve watched him hold an audience enraptured for over an hour and speak without any props or memory aids, delivering an avalanche of new and interesting information to a large group of health professionals.”

Tony Smith
President of Bristol Healers

Keith Foster gives seminars and lectures to groups all over the world.

For general enquiries about booking lectures please email seminars@keithfoster.co.uk

The Answer to Cancer



The 2 Day Residential Seminar is led by Keith Foster and includes course notes and full board with overnight accommodation. Cost: £2,000.00 per person. Available in: UK, USA and Dubai.

Topics include:

  • How to understand what cancer really is and apply the ‘lessons’ from the book.
  • How to avoid a hidden cause of cancer (not covered in the book).
  • Identifying and using the invisible life-force to energise yourself.
  • How to protect yourself from illness and avoid stress.
  • How to predict and plan a healthier future.
  • How to become a ‘hammer’ rather than a ‘nail’!

EMAIL for information about seminar dates, venues and any other enquiries.

Seminar with Keith Foster
Slimming the Intelligent Way


Nothing tastes as good as slim feels


The 2 Day Residential Seminar is led by Keith Foster and includes course notes and full board with overnight accommodation. Cost: £2,000.00 per person. Available in: UK, USA and Dubai.

  • Learn how to steadily and safely become slimmer (and stay that way).
  • How to use life’s subtle energies to energise, extend and enrich your life.
  • How to become more confident in your body (and your life).
  • Learn how to reap the benefits of a leaner more vigorous life.
  • Learn how to look better, smell better & feel better.
  • Learn how to avoid dread disease (i.e. cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s & etc.).

EMAIL for information about seminar dates, venues and any other enquiries.

Heart Disease and how to overcome it - seminars and lectures by Keith Foster



The 2 Day Residential Seminar is led by Keith Foster and includes course notes and full board with overnight accommodation. Cost: £2,000.00 per person. Available in: UK, USA and Dubai.

  • Summary of information in the book and its application.
  • How to use life’s subtle energies to strengthen your immune system.
  • How to offset age-related decline in health and live longer.
  • How to lose (or gain) weight.
  • How to strengthen your blood supply.
  • How to strengthen your heart.
  • How to improve your confidence.

EMAIL for information about seminar dates, venues and any other enquiries.


After the death of your body


If you’d like to hear Keith expand on his understanding of the process of journeying yonder, you can book on to the one day course that he holds each year. You will understand that he cannot advise you how to alter or improve your present life. Nor yet your chances of a better journey yonder. Keith can only explain his thoughts, and hope that this will help you to a better, or at least different, explanation of the process that he believes to be involved.

You will then be entirely responsible for your future and your own interpretation of what Keith teaches.

1 Day Seminar in central location led by Keith Foster. The course is non-catered and includes course notes.
Cost: £300.00 per person.

EMAIL for information about seminar dates, venues and any other enquiries.

Private clients

Private consultations

Keith offers a limited number of private consultations for those with seemingly intractable health problems, or people who wish to extend their lives.

An initial assessment is required to decide viability and methodology, and the cost of this is GB £500 (plus any travel and accommodation costs if applicable).

If you would like to find out more about what is involved please write to him at info@keithfoster.co.uk

Book reviews and testimonials

Read reviews about Keith Foster's books.


The Answer to Cancer – An Electron Deficit Condition

Reviewed by David Lorimer, Chief Consultant, Character Scotland.

This clearly written book is consistent with much of the new thinking emerging around the genesis and prevention of cancer, putting forward the hypothesis that cancer is an electron deficit condition and not a disease. Like Dr Mercola, Keith supports the metabolic theory outlined by Dr Otto Warburg, who received the Nobel Prize for physiology for his work showing that cancer results from too little oxygen getting into the cell and that it cannot thrive in an alkaline environment; modern diets, electromagnetic overload and stress tend to shift us into a susceptible acidic state. The book looks at a number of key elements including Vitamins C and E, hydration, negative ions, essential fatty acids, iodine, selenium, charcoal, turmeric, fasting and blood cleanse. Then there are appendices on slowing the ageing process and lengthening healthy lifespan.

Each scientifically-backed segment of explanation is followed by recommendations, for instance the amount and timing of water drinking, the importance of raw food and the role of fasting. Keith summarises his conclusions and guidance on p. 74 and lists his daily dosages on p. 82 – this is followed by a comprehensive chart of pH foods. Another interesting point is the similarity between fungal and cancer cells, which means that cancer may also respond to some fungal treatments. A further section deals with earthing and the importance of walking with bare feet on the earth, which means that the human body ‘forms a coupled oscillator that is in harmonic resonance with the earth.’ All in all, this practical book conveys much more than its title – it is a handbook for optimum health.


Nexus Magazine


NEXUS is a bi-monthly alternative news magazine covering health breakthroughs, future science and technology, suppressed news, free energy, religious revisionism, conspiracy, the environment, history and ancient mysteries, the mind, UFOs, paranormal and the unexplained.

The Answer to Cancer has been reviewed by Nexus magazine's Ruth Parnell.

Download it here:

Review of ~The Answer to Cancer by Ruth Parnell of Nexus Magazine

" Well done Keith on creating this book. Our lives are our own, are bodies are our own. Reclaim them as such and help yourself turn this trauma around. Read the book, work on the steps to regaining your life, with a fresh perspective and honour of our amazing bodies. We do not always appreciate our bodies till illness happens. "

The Answer to Cancer

Sally Saint

Amazon reviewer

"A direct and no nonsense book on cancer, it's causes and most importantly, what you can do to minimise your risk.

There is an abundance of easily understood information and practical advice which goes a long way to being of enormous benefit to humanity. "

The Answer to Cancer

John B

Amazon reviewer

"This is a remarkable and thought provoking book and is obviously the result of an immense mount of research.

It approaches the recovery from the scourge of cancer from an entirely different direction, allowing people to reach their own conclusions, A significant bonus is that it is very readable and well printed. "

The Answer to Cancer

David Brown

Amazon reviewer

"I always knew that I would exist after dying. Keith Foster explains death in a 'matter of fact' way, so that we can all choose, if we want to, that death is only the part of life we experience so that our energy. continues living."


Kate O'Kane


"I have encountered self-help books which claim to help you change your life in a month, but Keith Foster’s ‘The Wisdom Way’ is one of the most detailed, most comprehensive books of its genre.

It also offers a realistic “deadline”: 141 days—not too long, not too short, just something I feel can be achieved in the real world."


J. Blazarte

"An interesting interdisciplinary study about the causes of global warming. Foster argues that the cause is a cyclical decline in the Earth’s magnetic field. He predicts that global warming will advance at an exponential rate, pushing us towards a tipping point. Foster draws on research from a number of universities to make his case. A well-informed contribution to the debate."


David Lorimer

Scientific & Medical Network Review

A truly inspirational read! Easy to read with invaluable information for our well-being and to become in tune with Mother Earth.

The Wisdom Way

Kate O'Kane


"An enlightening and comprehensive science-based book. Essential for health in our toxic world. Fascinating accounts of ancient civilisations whose knowledge and skills are now lost to our detriment. We can learn from this book how to regain our inherent power. I loved it."

Harmonic Power

Anita Taralrud

Cortona, Italy

"This is a delightful book. Given to me as a gift by someone who knew of my interest in fragrance. I dip into it frequently and enjoy learning about the complex, but fascinating effects perfume has on on our lives and our times."

Perfume, Astrology and You

Elizabeth Shaw


Successful stress management

“Work stress has kept 51% of employees awake at night… whilst two fifths of the workforce state that stress is ruining their life.”

According to new research by Bupa as reported in the March 2017 issue of the Director magazine.

MBIMi Busineee Mag Embracing Harmonic Power

Keith Foster

Keith Foster

My unique method is based on sound scientific research and delivers a positive and permanent solution to stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Stress at work.  How to manage stressful work situations.  Course led by Keith FosterStress management courses led by Keith Foster


Overcoming stress - a new approach using Harmonic Power

A one-day course delivered by Keith Foster

Attend this one-day course and become more effective in your professional life.

Venues: London, Bristol, Cardiff and Narberth

Harmonic Power is a completely new, safe, proven way to overcome stress, without using any medication or meditation.

The one-day course is based on new research into how stress arises and how to overcome negative fall-out in the work-place, Tolerance for high pressure situations significantly improves, as will your decision-making ability and concentration levels.

After completing the course you become more effective, clear headed and better able to succeed.

Enjoy the personal benefits too...

As an integral part of the course you will learn how you can interrupt the mechanisms of stress, sleep much better, awake refreshed and invigorated with restored energy levels. Over time your overall health will improve and you will be better able to fight off infections, cancer and dementia.

Your emotions become more stable and your skills more accessible. Your life improves on several levels and you become more productive with greater clarity of thought.

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at executives, directors, managers and individuals who operate in challenging and potentially stressful professional environments. The course is conducted in small groups and delegates are be able to participate in complete confidentiality.

FAQ: Your questions answered

Please see the FAQ document here. If you still have a question that isn't covered please don't hesitate to get in touch by email info@keithfoster.co.uk

Keith  Foster answers questions about Stress Relief course


The one-day course is available in London, Bristol, Cardiff and Narberth. The cost is £1,000 per person.
One-to-0ne private sessions are also available. Please contact Keith Foster for costs and more information.


To inquire about availability, request more information, or to book a place on a group course please email info@keithfoster.co.uk

Or call +44 (0)7960 045249

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