Keith Foster - The Answer to Cancer
Keith Foster

The Answer to Cancer

"Read the book, work on the steps to regaining your life, with a fresh perspective and honour of our amazing bodies..."

Keith Foster - Harmonic Power
Keith Foster

Harmonic Power

"...Essential for health in our toxic world. Fascinating accounts of ancient civilisations whose knowledge and skills are now lost to our detriment..."

Keith Foster - Harmonic Power
Keith Foster

The Wisdom Way

"A truly inspirational read with invaluable information for our well-being and to become in tune with Mother Earth."

Keith Foster - Catastrophe
Keith Foster


"Foster draws on research from a number of universities to make his case. A well-informed contribution to the debate."



Nexus Magazine


NEXUS is a bi-monthly alternative news magazine covering health breakthroughs, future science and technology, suppressed news, free energy, religious revisionism, conspiracy, the environment, history and ancient mysteries, the mind, UFOs, paranormal and the unexplained.


The Answer to Cancer has been reviewed by Nexus magazine's Ruth Parnell.


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Review of The Answer to Cancer by Ruth Parnell of Nexus Magazine

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